There are high demands in the industry –

Customers say that ours is “the best system

Readunit helps companies in the wind turbine and offshore industry to keep track of ALL equipment that is used to service the industry.

Accessibility for all

Whether your company is small or on its way to expansion, or if it is well established and has many employees, Readunit can be customized to your company’s specific needs. Imagine being able to scan your equipment at any time and check that it is safe for usage, and that you can in good time prior to the testing of your equipment receive e-mails from the system containing clear instructions on what needs to be done. Or imagine that, once you have followed predefined test points and implemented these tests, you do not have to think about the subsequent documentation, because the system takes care of this for you. Also imagine a system in which there is always 100% visual overview of safety data on ALL equipment and ALL employees, and in which equipment can be moved between employees with a few mouse clicks.
The above is what you get with Readunit, plus much, much more.

Fantastic and instant overview

Locations can be set up to keep an overview of equipment. A location can be a customer, a site, a service vehicle, or an equipment container. All of the main and sub-locations that are needed can be set up. Locations such as a container or a service vehicle, or equipment such as a hoist, can be tracked with GPS, and you can then follow where in the world your equipment is located.

Automatic notifications – Readunit does the work for you

Readunit can send automatic notifications out to its own employees and to external suppliers. If you test your own lifting gear, the system will automatically send information about upcoming tests of lifting gear to the relevant persons. If you have external parties perform checks on your survival suits, the system can send notifications to your suppliers with the message:
“It is time for WIND A/S to undergo an inspection. There are 14 units, as can be seen in the table below.”
“Please contact Peter to arrange a date for an inspection”