Regulatory inspection and ongoing maintenance

Our customers have no doubt “the best system“ they say

Readunit helps municipalities to keep track of equipment and ongoing tasks in connection with municipal buildings and areas.

Readunit can help in many departments

Municipalities have a lot of equipment that must be monitored. This applies to all technical equipment covered by AT 1109, and also everything else that causes buildings and areas to appear well-maintained. Hand Tools, Fire Fighting Equipment, Emergency and Panic Lighting, Ventilation, Lifting Equipment, First Aid Equipment, Ladders, PPE, Schools, Woodworking Rooms, Fitness Equipment, etc.


The use of Readunit is wide-ranging

The following are just examples of what the system can help with.

  • Parks and roads
    Control of electrical equipment, ladders, gates, lifts, fire extinguishing equipment, management of temporary road signs, marking equipment, etc., with Readunit’s lending module.
  • Recycling Stations
    Inspection of electrical equipment, electrical switchboards, spotlights, gates, barrier systems, groundwater lowering/drainage pumps, etc.
  • IT Department
    Inspection of UPS systems, generators, InterGEN installations, etc.
  • Municipal poperties
    Property inspections at municipal buildings, cleaning of gutters, flushing of drains, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, eye wash fluid, first aid kits, statutory inspection of emergency and panic lighting, control of escape routes, fitness equipment, and much more.
  • Municipal playgrounds
    Regulatory inspection and documentation.
  • Municipal waste water departments
    Control of groundwater lowering pumps, electrical equipment, ladders, etc.

Full ownership of own data

It is you and not the subcontractor that must manage your equipment because in the end this is your responsibility. It is perfectly okay for the subcontractor to sometimes come and perform inspections, but this is your data and it is you that knows when he should come. All data is stored in the same system and Readunit gives you an overview of everything. You can, therefore, keep track of both the annual safety checks on hand tools that you carry out yourself, and also of the safety review of fire fighting equipment that an external company comes and does for you. The system also gives you an overview of ongoing tasks additional to the planned ones.

Fantastic and instant overview

In order to keep an overview of equipment, locations are set up. A location can be, e.g., a school. A sub-location can be set up in all relevant rooms in which there is equipment that should be checked at regular intervals, such as woodworking rooms, visual arts rooms, physics/chemistry rooms, service vehicles. The subsequent safety status of all equipment can now be fully followed at the local level. All of the main and sub-locations that are needed can be set up. GPS can track locations and equipment so that you always know where it is within +/- 5 meters.

Automatic notifications – Readunit does the work for you

Readunit can send automatic notifications out to its own employees and to external suppliers. If you test your own hand tools, the system will automatically send information about upcoming tests to the relevant persons. If you have external parties perform checks on your fire fighting equipment, the system can send notifications to your suppliers with the message:

“It is time for the ‘municipality’ to have an inspection done. There are 52 units, as can be seen in the table below.”

“Please contact Peter from the property centre to arrange a date for an inspection”