Regulatory inspection and ongoing maintenance

Our customers have no doubt: ours is “the best system“

There are clear rules in this field

Inspection of electrical hand tools and other technical aids (AT 1109)

Electrical hand tools and technical aids are also machines and must be checked at fixed time intervals. This should be done either according what is indicated by the supplier indicates in the instruction manual, or, if not specified therein, once a year. Most inspections must be made by an expert. The expert must check that the machine, hand tool, or aid is in proper condition, is used as intended, and has a user manual that covers the usage. Readunit helps customers find the best solution, and in instances where a detailed rule is needed, Readunit and Maskinsikkerhed engages in a strategic collaboration to this avail. At Maskinsikkerhed, your employees can attend a course and be educated on inspections and requirements thereof. The course is called Expert Opinion.

The company Maskinsikkerhed is Denmark’s largest professional engineer company in the area of machine safety.

Other advantages

• The transparency that the system brings
• Always ready for audits
• To score high on audits
• Less tool waste
• What will it cost if the tests are not managed
• Control over all relevant documents
• Your company appears more professional

Automatic notifications – Readunit does the work for you

Readunit can send automatic notifications out to employees and to your suppliers and customers. If you test your own lifting gear, the system will automatically send information about upcoming tests of lifting gear to the relevant persons. If you have external parties perform checks on your fire fighting equipment, the system can send notifications to your suppliers. Readunit sends notifications to your customers with you as the sender, meaning that all your service agreements will be automatically lived up to. You just have to make sure that you have someone answering the telephone when the notifications are sent on a pre-defined day and month, which is very professional, as the customers call in themselves.

“It is time for INDUSTRY A/S to undergo an inspection. There are 52 units, as can be seen in the table below.”

“Please Contact Peter from the maintenance department to arrange a date for an inspection”